Panza Family | Port Aransas Family Beach Vacation | August 23, 2017

Sorry, not sorry:  this will probably be a long post.  You see, I dove in completely to rest during our vacation this month.  Unplugged, put my camera down and away (although the following would make it seem I didn’t ;).  My batteries were recharged, y’all.  I fell in love with my people all over again… and with picking up my camera.  I’ve had such joy editing these images and hope they’ll fill you with joy, peace and rest.  Wherever you are.

Here’s a look at the lovely home we stayed in for the week.

I can never get enough of seeing my children sleep.
At some point, it will be weird and awkward (they are growing up),
but for now, my guy still smiles when he sees Mommy there in the morning.

This is the view from the crow’s nest.  The sound alone was amazing.
But the view… sigh.  I spent several hours here each day.

Days were spent driving around in a golf cart.
That was probably one of the most charming and unique things about this little community.  You take a golf cart – everywhere!

This day we checked out the pier…

The beauty about staying so close to the beach, we could easily come and go when someone needed a break.
We could change suits and eat at “home.”  It truly made this trip so restful!

It was BRIGHT this morning.
We spent all day collecting mussels.  We collected thousands of them, loading buckets and watching them move about.
At the end of the day, we set them free.
This was our first family vacation to a Texas Beach.
Port Aransas was lovely and was just what we needed to rest and reconnect.
We loved it.

If you’d like to stay in the same lovely home we did, click here.

With Gratitude,


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