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Yesterday, I got to photograph Bridals for an upcoming wedding at the end of this month.  The venue, The Laurel, in Grapevine, Texas, was new to me.  So I arrived a few minutes early and decided to walk around and take some photos.

Often before visiting a new venue, I’ll look online and try to find some images of what the venue looks like.  Not sessions or weddings shot there, but the actual venue itself.  If you are looking for a Dallas Fort-Worth venue, or about to work here, I sharing some images of The Laurel would be helpful to prospective Couples and Photographers.

The light was high when I arrived and unflattering toward the front exterior, so I didn’t get a picture there.  I’ll be sure to grab one next time I go in a couple weeks for Colleen & Tyler Rittenhouse’s wedding.

The Bridal Suite

I found the decor elegant, neutral and flattering for photographs.  I turned off all the lights in the Bridal suite for these images and just used the natural light from the windows.

I loved the collection of books in the Bridal Suite.  Such a nice design touch (and I still love this book by Style Me Pretty’s Abby Larson.  I have it in my office.)

There was an L-shaped nook, where there were 6 chairs (I think) and mirrors directly above, for the Bridesmaids to use.  The artwork was simple and neutral.  I loved the theme of nature, trees, horses and Texas touches throughout the space.

The venue is all inclusive, with the Chapel, Bride & Grooms suites, and Reception space all within the same building.  It makes it very easy for guests to navigate from the ceremony to cocktail hour/reception, without weather concerns or travel.  I also foresee it expediting portrait sessions because the grounds and venue provide several options for backdrops, ample space, but everything is close together, so there aren’t long walks with bridal parties to and from locations.

The Chapel

I loved the arches and beams in the Chapel.  It was elegant with a rustic touch.  Much like North Texas!

To the left, what the Bride sees coming down the aisle.  To the right, what the Groom sess when he waits for her.

There were several of these lovely nooks, with furniture pieces and contemporary lighting fixtures.  The image on the left was taken between the Bride & Grooms’ suites and the entrance to the Chapel.  The image on the right is the chandelier above the reception dance floor.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any images in the reception space because they were in the process of setting up for an event.  🙂

Here’s a glimpse at the Groom’s suite.  Two things in particular that I loved about this space:  that there is a lot of light and that there was an ample amount of space.  Often times, the Grooms suite feels like the Groom has been put into a dark closet somewhere.  All of these things make an overall impression in his memory of the wedding day!

The Grooms Suite

This sitting area was in the main entrance that leads directly into the reception.  The beautiful artwork on the right was taken in the adjacent hallway.

More sitting areas.  There are several of these throughout the space.  It’s the only venue I know of that has this many different seating areas, throughout the space.

The art is very intentional.  When visiting, it’s something to keep your eye out for.

This is the side/back of the venue.  This large patio area is directly outside of the reception space.  It’s perfect place for cocktail hour and faces the wide open green space, framed with tall sea grasses and various green trees.  Even through it’s moments from Dallas Fort-Worth airport, I didn’t notice any noise and it felt very secluded.

On the left, I’m in the yard facing the fireplace.  On the right, I’m on the patio, facing the yard.

The grounds are terraced with beautiful Austin stone steps and retaining walls.

You can tell the weather was moody this day and clouds rolled in just about when my Bride arrived, so this is the last shot I got of the space.  I hope this helps anyone wanting to see what what The Laurel looks like.  I would recommend touring it for yourself – the staff was absolutely wonderful!

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