The Beginning…
I don’t recall a time when romance and whimsy wasn’t a part of my soul.  Born curious, with a love for far away places, adventures and soul searching… I took the road less traveled and haven’t stopped ever since.

Photography found me 14 years ago when my first daughter was born.  I picked up a camera and discovered you could capture the essence of a soul in a frame.  It captivated me, which lead to my first business name:  Moments Captured by Kate.  But in truth, I’ve always seen life in images, it just took falling in love with my daughter, to make the connection from heart to hand.

I began photographing children, then families, took on events, then women… and finally… weddings.  Once I photographed my first wedding in 2013, I never looked back.  The joy expressed through creative storytelling of two becoming one, was where my passion and purpose collided.  While I still photograph portraits, my main emphasis is on weddings, only taking a limited number of weddings each year.  Why?  Because less is more.  And more of me, means I’m available for my family… and an enhanced client experience for my couples.

Working together…
In the future, I look forward to more editorial, romantic, adventurous collaborations with couples and creatives.  As always, I want to create images that make you feel seen, limitless, loved, aching and rich with soul-filled emotion.  If you are interested to learn more, please inquire.  Let’s create together!