This lovely woman got married yesterday!  I’m delighted to share her bridal session images with you.  Katie, her mom Diane and I met at Lake Grapevine on a bright and early morning recently to document this beautiful time in her life.  This once in a lifetime bridal moment.  I loved her gown, it was so fitting and perfect for her personality.  Beautiful, elegant, timeless.  Something about her reminded me of Anne of Green Gables, my favorite childhood heroine. Anne was my favorite because she had red hair like me, her curiosity always got her into trouble… and she loved pretty, feminine things.

In a word, that’s how I’d describe Katie’s bridal session.  Feminine.  It was refreshing and delightful.  It held some of the things I adore most in photography:  quiet moments, fleeting glances and the romance of owning your own beauty.  It was a delightful day!
Here, we left the soft light of shade and moved directly into the harshest light of the day.  And I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Katie, I cannot wait to share images from you and Tyler’s wedding day at Aristide!  Those will be coming very soon!

With gratitude,


The Longs joined me early this Spring to shoot their day after session in Fort Worth, TX.  Their January evening wedding didn’t allow for the beautiful portraits they wanted,
so we chose to photograph them in April at the time and place of their choosing.  Day after sessions are a great option for evening winter weddings.
And they are NEVER the day after the wedding.  😉

On this day, the greens were new and rich and evening sunlight was still bright casting a lot of drama on my lovely subjects.
I took them to a familiar park.  They held each other, enjoyed quiet moments and let the wind whip through Carleigh’s beautiful hair.
They danced and smiled.
The newness of their love was poetic and inspiring.
Here are some of my favorite moments from their portrait session.
Because wind in hair, ladies.  Wind in hair. <3
One of my favorite images of the year.

Carleigh and Scott… thank you for this.  Your story.  Your journey together.  Sharing your joy.  All of it.

May your life together be full of love, rich in moments, and may you adventure together always.

With gratitude,


Dress:  Sophia Tolli
MUA:  Rachel Marie
Shoes:  J. Renee
Hair:  Element Salon, North Richland Hills, TX

Many months ago, I photographed these images.  With every bridal session, there’s the buzz and excitement when I shoot.  I ALWAYS wish I could share them right away.  But I must wait.  Till after the wedding.  Then the wedding comes and everyone is anxious to see those images and I’m anxious to share them.  When Carleigh and Scott got married this year, I had every intention on sharing these right away.  But in that season, I was juggling some major life changes and had spread myself too thin.  I’m so very sad to say, I never blogged them.

So, with a heavy heart and absolute honesty, I overlooked blogging a great number of amazing events in the lives of some very special people.  And for that, I’m truly sorry.  I delivered all the images and my clients were happy.  But I didn’t give them the attention and celebrate each of these moments on my website, as I truly desired.  I simply didn’t have enough time, energy or focus to get the “extra” things (like blogging) done.

Now, I’ve streamlined my business.  I’ve reduced my workload significantly and added much needed structure and balance to my business and life.  So in this new season, I want to honor those amazing people who never complained when I didn’t blog.  Carleigh, you are at the top of that list.  Thank you for being so patient, supportive and understanding.  You know I love you and adored being a part of your day.  Your grace means more than you can imagine.

With that… here are Carleigh’s bridals.  Though it’s been awhile… her bridals images are worth the wait.

Carleigh, you are one of the loveliest people I have ever known.  You are extraordinarily patient, loving, loyal and remarkably KIND.  In many ways, you remind me of a grown version of my darling Olivia.  And you know… that’s the highest compliment I can pay.  <3

With love and gratitude,


Venue:  Piazza in the Village
Carleigh’s Dress:  Sophia Tolli
Bridal Salon:  Bliss Bridal
Alterations:  White Gown Workroom
Make Up:  Rachel Knapschaefer
Hair:  Element Salon, North Richland Hills, TX (Thuy Khong)
Flowers:  Market Street
Shoes:  J. Renee
Hair Accessories:  Pence and Panache

Meet Jess and Blake.  There are so many things I love about this couple!  From the first time we met, I felt like we had been friends for ages.  Especially Jess.  We share a lot in common, she’s from New England.  I lived in New England for many years.  She’s Italian.  I’m married to an Italian.  We instantly understood each other, share common family and New England traditions and both miss the north in the Fall!  Jess has a great sense of humor and I adored the chemistry she and Blake have.  He’s a 6’4″ Texan (can you say football player?!)  Jess is all Tiffany’s and city style, probably 5’2″ with heels.  But in every way these two are a match.  They compliment one another, understand each other and spent years being friends before they fell in love.  And oh… are these two in love!

We set off in early October and headed up to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.  Jess and I discussed engagement locations and we both wanted something epic… that spoke to who they were as a couple.  Nature meets City.  So in bright sun and on mountains high, they kissed, laughed and played… while I was completely in my element.  Here’s their engagement session.

Happy engagement, you two!  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding at The Milestone Aubrey next year.

With love and gratitude,


Want Jess’s look on a budget?  Try renting these beautiful gowns from
Green Gown:  Slate & Willow | Green Printed Sequin Gown
Champagne Gown: Marchesa Notte | Guilded Blush Gown

There are just some people, some loves, that leave you breathless.
Come on, you know it’s true.
We’ve all watched a movie, gotten swept away with the romance.
The idea of a man, pursuing a woman, with his whole heart.
He fights for her.
He waits for her.
He courts her… and treasures her heart.

When I met Krystina, almost 2 years ago now, like everyone who meets her, I was struck by her beauty.
She was quiet, at first, but whenever she mentioned her boyfriend Chad’s name, her face would light up.
I’d watch her eyes drift, chin lower, smile spread across her face.
The very thought of him took her somewhere else.

I first saw Chad through a window.  I couldn’t even see Krystina, but I could see his face.
He was looking at her.
Pure love and adoration.
This man loves this woman.  With all that he has.

I can’t express what it has meant to me to get to know them, to photograph their intimate proposal, and now… their engagement.

We met at a park in Grapevine, TX, and as the sun set, we followed it around the lake.
And I captured:  these two.  In love.

Their love, their story, is one like the movies.
As you scroll through these images, you’ll see.
And it might leave you a little weak in the knees.

Chad and Krystina… your love is the stuff of legend.
My heart is full and lives better for knowing you.
And Chad… I expect epic greatness on the dance floor in November.

With love and gratitude,